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Hausfeld Files Suit against Landmark Theatres for Monopoly Abuse

Related Lawyers: Irving Scher, Sathya S. Gosselin
Related Practice Areas: Antitrust / Competition

September 27, 2017 (Washington, DC) - Hausfeld filed a lawsuit against Landmark Theaters on behalf of four independent film organizations, the Denver Film Society (DFS), Cinema Detroit, West End Cinema, and the Avalon Theatre, alleging that Landmark Theaters engages in anticompetitive practices that have unfairly and illegally prevented plaintiffs from programming important specialty films for their audiences.

Landmark currently operates 51 theaters with 242 screens in 22 major metropolitan areas, making them the largest of the chains that show specialty films in communities around the country. According to the allegations, Landmark controls the most theaters and screens showing specialty films in the plaintiffs’ locations – and uses its national “circuit” power to prevent independent theaters from showing those films. The result is that these independent theaters, many of them run as non-profits, are often prohibited from showing the most desirable specialty films its audiences want to watch, injuring the theaters’ economic prospects and harming competition.

The suit seeks monetary damages and an injunction. Hausfeld attorneys working on this matter are Irving Scher, Sathya Gosselin, and Michaela Spero.

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