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Commission fines five car safety equipment suppliers €34 million in cartel settlement

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With nearly a decade’s experience successfully representing automobile manufacturers’ damages claims against the myriad price-fixing cartels aimed at them, Hausfeld stands at the forefront of investigating and bringing such actions. So on behalf of its many OEM clients, Hausfeld welcomes this latest Commission decision punishing past wrongdoing in the car-safety system market, helping to level the playing field for automakers, and further disincentivising future price-fixing conspiracies.

Importantly, the Commission’s fines of nearly 35 MEUR levied upon the car-safety system conspirators will not be distributed to the cartel’s victims; economic damages caused by the cartel must be pursued via private legal actions. Thus all impacted car manufacturers may, bring actions for damages in the courts and employ the Commission’s decision as binding proof of the cartel’s existence and illegality.   

Hausfeld will work together with those affected by the cartel to seek recovery of all economic losses suffered by any car maker impacted by this illegal price-fixing conspiracy.

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