A vlog with Steven Friel - The Law and Business of Litigation Finance

London partner, Lucy Pert, recently contributed to ‘The Law and Business of Litigation Finance’, edited by Woodsford and published by Bloomsbury. The book considers the international development of the law and practice of high value litigation and arbitration funding. It is an essential guide for those who provide or seek such funding and anyone who wishes to understand the litigation funding process further – including possible investors.

It is the first publication to include multi-contributions exploring the international practice primarily in the UK and the US, of both the law and business of litigation finance.

Lucy co-authored the chapter on “Third-party litigation financing and lawyers' ethical obligations” with Anthony Sebok, Cardozo School of Law, New York. Lucy spoke to Steven Friel, the book’s editor and CEO of Woodsford in an interactive conversation. They discuss why the book materialised in the first instance, and discuss the ethics around litigation finance.

Lucy states: “It struck me that having been in litigation finance and coming back into private practice, I am contacted on a fairly regular basis by people wanting to understand the industry, who may see me as a slightly more neutral party at this point, not working for a funder. Those include people looking to invest in funding, particularly the chapter about high risk and high reward is a really excellent summary on some of the things that people looking at investing in funding might want to understand.”

She continues: “Equally, I receive a lot of calls from people in private practice who are looking to perhaps move into funding, I think this would be really interesting for them to have a look at.”

The book is available to buy now on Bloomsbury.

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