Two Hausfeld Competition Bulletin articles nominated by the Concurrences Antitrust Writing Awards 2021

We are very pleased to announce that two Hausfeld Competition Bulletin newsletter articles have been nominated for the Concurrences 2021 Antitrust Writing Awards in the Business Articles category.

The Concurrences Business Articles Awards aim to promote practical Antitrust skills and recognize the best articles published in professional publications in 2020. Submitted articles are reviewed for nominations by the Editorial Committee. The Business Steering Committee, Board, and readers then vote for their 11 favorites (10 regular categories, and 1 readers’ choice).

The two articles selected were originally published in Hausfeld’s Competition Bulletin Fall 2020 Issue, and re-published on Lexology, and as part of the Concurrences’ e-Competitions Bulletin. The nominations are a testament to the unequivocal quality of the Bulletin - expertly edited by antitrust icon Irving Scher - and the excellent contributions of its authors on topics which are at the forefront of legal developments in antitrust.

Readers are able to vote online for their favorite articles starting on May 3 and ending on June 28, 2021. The most voted articles in both the Academic and Business categories are announced as the winners during the Concurrences Awards Ceremony on June 30th. Each reader can vote only once per article and the votes are anonymous, with no personal information from the reader being stored on the website, except for non-personally identifiable data used by the computer system to exclude duplicate votes.


Private Enforcement category:

"Umbrella liability: has its time come?"

By Michael Hausfeld and Irving Scher

To read and vote for this article, visit here.

Digital category:

"Antitrust remedies in digital markets: lessons for enforcement authorities from non-compliance with EU Google decisions"

By Thomas Höppner

To read and vote for this article, visit here.

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