Michael Hausfeld receives ABA Lifetime Achievement Award

During its Annual Spring Dinner on Thursday, April 7th in Washington, D.C., the American Bar Association’s Antitrust Law Section bestowed a special Lifetime Achievement Award on Michael Hausfeld, Hausfeld’s Chair Emeritus.

The ABA’s Antitrust Law Section recognizes individuals whose careers have left indelible impressions on the Section and honors those individuals for their lives of achievement and service to the cause of promoting competition and protecting consumers. As the first civil plaintiff-side practitioner to win the award, Michael is among only seven people to receive this award dating back to 2002. He joins distinguished appellate judge Diane P. Wood, United States Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit, in receiving the award this year.

A zealous advocate for claimants, often against the largest defendants, Michael has been recognized for his leadership on competition matters and groundbreaking antitrust cases, including, among recent examples, achieving record-breaking recoveries in In re Blue Cross Blue Shield Antitrust Litigation and In re Foreign Exchange Antitrust Benchmark Litigation and transforming college athletics O’Bannon v NCAA. His distinguished career has included some of the largest and most successful class actions in the fields of antitrust law, discrimination, and human rights.

“I want to thank the ABA for this special recognition, which means a great deal to me, and I intend to keep strengthening private antitrust enforcement in the years to come,” said Michael Hausfeld.

Global Co-Chair Brian Ratner celebrated Michael’s recognition: “This ABA Lifetime Achievement Award reflects the enormous impact Michael has had on antitrust in the US and around the globe. It also is the result of the time and energy he has devoted to the ABA over so many decades. Through his scholarship, teaching, speaking, writing, and practice, Michael has changed the paradigm, opened doors and minds, and built relationships with practitioners and parties on both sides of the “v” - public enforcers, judges, and economists alike. This has led to a more effective public and private enforcement regime, as well as a greater understanding of the plaintiffs’ side.”

At Hausfeld, we are committed to carrying on this important work and building on this legacy. On behalf of our entire team, we are so proud of Michael, congratulate him on this incredible recognition, and know he will continue to be a force for positive change in the future.

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