JUVE's multiple accolades for Hausfeld in Germany

Within two years of its entry in the German market, leading legal publisher JUVE has ranked Hausfeld in its Competition Law Category for the first time, recognising how its innovative approach to bringing cartel damages claims and its willingness to challenge the traditional law firm business model is making waves in the market. It emphasises Hausfeld’s flexibility in offering alternative fee arrangements through its collaboration with litigation funders.

They highlighted how clients praise "an experienced team possessing great professional competence which works extremely effectively - even under time pressure” and how competitors pay the team respect as "top plaintiff lawyers who understand the business”.

Juve also lists three Hausfeld partners for being praised by clients and competitors - Alex Petrasincu (whose “clear and sound advice” is noted), Thomas Höppner (whose “expertise in the digital economy” is praised), as well as Christopher Rother.

Furthermore, JUVE also listed ‘Wolf von Bernuth’s joining of the firm’ as one of the 25 most important moves by an attorney or inhouse lawyer in 2017/2018 making it the sole mention in the area of litigation.

Hausfeld is also included as one of ten law firms, particularly recommended for capital investor lawsuits.

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