Government challenged to revise clean air strategy following COVID-19

The Good Law Project and campaign group Mums for Lungs have instructed Hausfeld London to challenge the UK Government to revise its Clean Air Strategy in light of the emerging links between air quality and COVID-19. This action forms part of Hausfeld’s significant pro bono efforts on climate change globally.

The connection between air pollution and general impact on health is well-evidenced. An increasing number of recent studies around the globe, including from the University of Cambridge demonstrate a link between poor air quality and the incidence and severity of COVID-19.  Scientific evidence is emerging, highlighting the potential for air pollution particles to enable coronavirus to travel further in the air.

David Lawne, Partner, Hausfeld London:

“We believe the Government’s obligation to review its Clean Air Strategy is rooted in domestic legislation, the precautionary principle and the European Convention on Human Rights. This principle provides that if there is reliable scientific data - even on a preliminary basis - indicating a reasonable possibility of harm occurring, it ought to influence decisions being taken as to the environment and human health.”

On this basis, a letter has been sent to the Government outlining the emerging evidence and requesting compliance with the obligation to review the UK’s Clean Air Strategy.

Lianne Craig, Partner and Head of Commercial Disputes, Hausfeld London adds:

“Hausfeld is deeply committed to its work in the relation to climate and environmental issues.  We are delighted to be working with the Good Law Project and Mums for Lungs to ensure that the Government takes seriously its obligations to protect public health and to ensure a green recovery from the COVD-19 pandemic.” 

James Maurici QC and Yaaser Vanderman of Landmark Chambers are instructed.

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