Building a resilient global supply chain: legal and blockchain-based technical solutions

In a webinar supported by LCAM, a panel of experts discussed legal and blockchain-based technical solutions to avoid and resolve disputes and mitigate time, cost and quality risks in complex international supply chains.

How robust contracting, artificial intelligence and blockchain technology can revolutionise supply chain management by providing greater transparency, reducing fraud and errors, and increasing efficiency. Our panel of leading experts from the investment, technology and legal industries provided a multi-disciplinary outlook on best practices and cutting-edge solutions to:

  • protect businesses from time, cost and quality risks; and
  • add value to their supply chains.

The session provided insight to those already familiar with supply-chain related issues and technology, but also to those who wanted to learn more about this important developing area.

The topics included:

  • The most disruptive decade in supply chain history: bet-the-company risks and systematic failures
  • Robust contracting solutions
  • Cutting-edge supply chain technologies (including Blockchain, Control Towers, AI and Machine Learning)
  • Blockchain oracles, payments and value transfer solutions
  • International arbitration institutions and supply chain dispute resolution mechanisms.

Rebecca Warder, Head of Knowledge | Hausfeld 
Deputy Chair | London Chamber of Arbitration and Mediation

Leith Ben Ammar, Of Counsel | Greenberg Traurig
Co-Chair | Energy Related Arbitration Practitioners UK

Samed Bouaynaya, Director and Risk Manager | Altana Wealth
Portfolio Manager | Altana Digital Assets Fund and Global Billionaires Fund

John McElroy, Partner and Head of Commercial Disputes | Hausfeld

Further information

The event was held on 26th April at 2.00 pm British Summer Time, online.