BIICL - Global perspectives on corporate climate legal tactics: developing a comparative toolbox for corporate climate litigation

With more than 2000 climate litigation cases being filed on a global basis mostly against States, but also private actors, there is a lack of analysis on cases involving corporate players. BIICL launches a landmark international research project on corporate climate change, exploring the most effective best global practices relevant to climate change cases in terms of substantive and procedural legal provisions, to be used as legal models by policy makers and legal practitioners.

Head of Human Right and Environmental Law and visiting Research Fellow at BIICL, Ingrid Gubbay, chairs this webinar as it explores the challenges lawyers are facing currently around corporate climate litigation. Highlighting the potential it has to achieve carbon reduction and speed up the transition toward net zero.

The panel of eminent speakers include:

  • Richard Lord KC, Barrister, Brick Court Chambers
  • Prof Dr Jacqueline Peel, Professor of Law, Melbourne Law School; Director of Melbourne Climate Futures, University of Melbourne
  • Prof Dr Jaap Spier, Former Advocate-General in the Supreme Court of the Netherlands, and Extraordinary Professor of Global Challenges, University of Stellenbosch

Practical information

BIICL hosts this virtual event on 17 November.