AFEC Conference - Competitive infringements and private damages: the legal strategies available

During its annual event in Paris, the French branch of the International League of Competition Law explored recent developments in the competition litigation sphere across Europe on 1 December.

The expert panel, which included Associate Antoine Riquier, debated key topics including:

  • Litigation strategies in private enforcement of competition law.
  • Interpretation of the Directive 2014/104, seven years after its publication.
  • Disclosure and quantification of harm.

Antoine was also joined by:

  • Muriel Chagny, Professor Versailles Univeristy - Paris-Saclay, AFEC president
  • Claire Karsenti, Partner, Sorgem Evaluation
  • Irène Luc, Vice-Présidente of the Autorité de la concurrence
  • Michel Ponsard, Partner, UGGC, AFEC vice-president