ABA Section of Antitrust Law, Civil Practice and Procedure Committee: Discovery Nuts and Bolts Series

For antitrust practitioners, discovery takes up a significant amount of time and resources, and the nuances are complicated and ever changing. This three-part series, organized by Associate Sarah LaFreniere, is designed to highlight the basics—a primer for newer attorneys just starting out—or a refresher for those more experienced. With plenty of opportunities to ask questions.

On June 1, Partner Jeannine Kenney joined a panel discussion about discovery negotiations. The panel reviewed the requirements of the Federal Rules in terms of cooperation obligations, responses and objections to RFPs, and practical tips on resolving discovery disputes without Court intervention, considerations for third party discovery. 

On June 15, a panel of economists and attorneys discussed tips, tricks, best practices in structured data negotiations. Aimed at young lawyers and economists, the panel discussed ways to negotiate the complexities of structured data, strategies for efficient transactional data productions, and when forensic accounting can be necessary or helpful. 

On June 29, the final panel focused on depositions, and how depositions protocols can streamline deposition discovery in complex antitrust cases, considerations for remote depositions, and best practices for multi-party depositions.