5th Annual Class Action Money and Ethics Conference

The Class Action Money and Ethics Conference brought together class-action professionals from a variety of disciplines, including two Hausfeld panellists from both sides of the Atlantic, to discuss economic and ethical considerations in class actions.

On day one, June 29, Hausfeld Global Managing Partner Brent Landau discussed, "Ethics: Fee-Sharing, Litigation Funding, and Class Actions," from 12:15pm to 1:15pm ET.

The panel – which also comprised Liz Lambert of Huntington Bank, Dai Wai Chin Feman of Parabellum Capital LLC and Vice Chief Justice Ann Scott Timmer of Arizona Supreme Court - discussed the impact of Rule 5.4 of the ABA Model Rules of Professional Conduct, which generally precludes lawyers from sharing fees with non-lawyers. Other questions addressed include: How does this rule affect the ability of lawyers to utilize different methods of financing class actions and other cases? How are some jurisdictions amending their rules to allow greater flexibility and innovation? Which role do the courts have to play, including in class actions, when it comes to reviewing or approving litigation funding arrangements?

On day two of the conference, June 30, London Partner and competition specialist Lucy Rigby joined the 11 am panel to discuss “Class Actions in the UK”, alongside Robyn Griffin of Huntington Bank, Lauren McGeever of Epiq and David Kaplan of BRG. They set out how the UK class actions differ from US class actions, the types of cases that are being filed, and reported on where the cases currently stand.