The National Law Journal: Hausfeld's Global Co-Chair Brian Ratner on Antitrust Enforcement

Hausfeld’s Global Co-Chair, Brian Ratner, has been featured in The National Law Journal’s recent article, “As Antitrust Enforcement Booms, Attorneys Eye AI and ESG as Emerging Targets.”

The article explores how antitrust litigation has experienced a sharp increase over the last six months, with two evolving sectors at the forefront of the conversation: artificial intelligence and environmental litigation. President Biden’s administration has prioritized enforcing antitrust, and as a result, plaintiff side firms have increased their caseload and grown their practices. In the article, Brian talks about how public and private enforcers operate within these emerging antitrust law divisions.

Brian was quoted saying, “The dynamic we’re seeing is . . . the private bar oftentimes is getting out in front and running cases, doing investigations before public enforcers come in.”

Concerning the ongoing public and private enforcement against Big Tech giants in the digital markets sector, Brian comments on how “public enforcers, the private bar and state attorneys general are working in tandem; everyone is rowing in the same direction.”

The article also explores how artificial intelligence can make its own decisions impacting markets and suppressing competition, which can come in the form of computer algorithms making business decisions. An example of this is seen in Hausfeld’s recently filed

“As Antitrust Enforcement Booms, Attorneys Eye AI and ESG as Emerging Targets” article

Hausfeld, Berger Montague, Lieff Cabraser, and Justice Catalyst File Federal Antitrust Class Action Lawsuit Against Alleged Rental Housing Cartel

Hausfeld’s global Digital Markets practice