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  • Hausfeld's website uses one cookie which is a Google analytic cookie. You were asked to confirm your agreement to use of this cookie in proceeding to use our website. This is a small text file that is placed  on your computer when you access the website, which store certain limited information about you. This allows us to recognise your computer, on return visits, and helps us study traffic patterns on our website, identify the web content that is most popular and to improve the site and the services that we provide. Please see the explanation in relation to Google Analytics and how it collects and processes data for use in evaluating use of our website at the attached link
  • We do not use this information for anything other than our own analysis. The cookie we use does not enable any website visitor to be individually identified and will only be used for website analytics purposes. 
  • You can control cookies through declining our use of cookies when entering our website. If you decline our cookies, we will switch them off save for the functional cookies for the site to run correctly. Please note that the cookies on our site are otherwise enabled by default and you may not be able to use some of the website functionality. 
  • You may also decline cookies via use of your web browser settings which allow you to decide if you want to access sites which use cookies. Details will be available in the “Help” menu. Website users who don’t want their data collected with Google analytics can install the Google analytics opt-out browser add-on. This is compatible with all major browsers and can be downloaded and installed via the Google analytics opt-out page. 
  • For more information about cookies go to

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