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Volkswagen “Clean” Diesel Litigation

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On 18 September 2015, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (“EPA”) issued a notice of violation against Volkswagen AG, Audi AG, and Volkswagen Group of America for manufacturing and installing defeat devices in 500,000 diesel vehicles in the United States. Since the publication of the notice of violation it has come to light that for at least a decade, top executives at Volkswagen and Bosch collaborated to rig diesel vehicles to beat emissions tests, while emitting up to 40 times the regulated amount of Nitrogen Oxide (NOx) emissions. Over 11 million vehicles have been affected worldwide. Hausfeld has been working with numerous partners including law firms, NGOs, consumer groups, and parliamentarians on both sides of the Atlantic to remedy this historic and global fraud. 

For us, the Volkswagen matter is about more than compensating consumers for the fraud Volkswagen and its allies perpetrated. It is about seeking redress for the global environmental damage, addressing the effects on human health, and changing the political and legal landscape so that companies are held accountable and deterred from similar conduct in the future. Our efforts and successes include:

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