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PFOA/PFOS Contamination - Suffolk County Water Contamination

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Suffolk County Water Authority (“SCWA”), the nation’s largest supplier of public drinking water from groundwater, seeks damages against the manufacturers and distributors of products containing toxic chemicals (PFOA/PFOS/AFFF) that have polluted the Authority’s public supply wells. The complaint alleges that the defendants, who knew or should have known of the environmental risks of their defectively-designed products, must bear responsibility for the costs of treating the contaminated water and protecting the public from harm.

The defendants are 3M Company, Buckeye Fire Equipment Company, Chemguard Inc., Tyco Fire Products LP, and National Foam, Inc. SCWA asserts state law tort claims against the manufacturers of aqueous film forming foam (AFFF), which contains the toxic perfluorinated chemical carcinogens PFOA and PFOS. Defendants have filed a joint motion to dismiss, which is currently pending before the Honorable Joanna Seybert in the Eastern District of New York. On September 12, 2018, Magistrate Judge Shields ordered the parties to commence full discovery despite the pendency of Defendants’ motion.

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