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Parking Heaters

Related Lawyers: Michael D. Hausfeld, Seth R. Gassman, Michael P. Lehmann, Christopher L. Lebsock, Brent W. Landau, Jeannine M. Kenney, Bonny E. Sweeney
Related Practice Areas: Antitrust / Competition

In re Parking Heaters Antitrust Litig., No. 15-mc-0940, (E.D.N.Y.) - On March 16, 2015, Hausfeld filed the first direct purchaser antitrust complaint, alleging a conspiracy involving certain Espar entities and others to fix the prices of parking heaters sold in the United States for use in trucks, buses and the like.

The lawsuit followed on a guilty plea entered by Espar. Other direct purchaser and indirect purchaser class complaints were filed, all of which have been filed in Brooklyn federal court. The cases were consolidated before Judge Dora L. Izarry and Magistrate Judge James Orenstein.

On August 11, 2015, Judge Orenstein appointed Hausfeld as interim co-lead counsel for the direct purchaser class. 

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