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Carbon Graphite

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In 2008, the European Commission (“EC”) fined five corporate groups a total of €101 million for collusion in the market for recharged electrical carbon and graphite products between 1988 until 1999.

The Cartel

Among those companies named in the EC Decision as cartelists are Carbone Lorraine, Morgan, Schunk, Hoffmann, Conradty and SGL. These cartelists controlled approximately 90% of the relevant European market.

Electrical carbon and graphite products are used to transfer electricity in and to electrical motors for a wide range of applications. Mechanical carbon and graphite products are used to seal dangerous gases and liquids in pumps, compressors and turbines.

Our Actions

Hausfeld, alongside Spanish alliance law firm Cuatrecasas Gonçalves Pereira, brought proceedings on behalf of a group of 30 leading European rail organisations against a number of cartelists in the UK Competition Appeal Tribunal (“CAT”) in December 2010.


Supporting Documents

  1. European Commission Press Release, 3 December 2003

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