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Aftermarket Automotive Lighting

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In re Aftermarket Automotive Lighting Products Antitrust Litig., No. 09-ML-2007-GW (PJW) (C.D. Cal.) – $53.5 million in total negotiated settlements in case involving price fixing of auto lights, including a $25 million settlement from the lone remaining defendant on the eve of trial – coupled with a landmark ruling in plaintiffs’ favor concerning the need for timely defendant cooperation to enjoy benefits of whistleblower provisions of the ACPERA.

Hausfeld is among the counsel for a putative class of direct purchaser plaintiffs in this antitrust price-fixing class action in which plaintiffs alleged that three Taiwanese manufacturers of Aftermarket Automotive Lighting Products (AALP), and their wholly-owned United States distributors, unlawfully conspired to fix prices in violation of the Sherman Act. Settlements of over $50 million have been reached with defendants on behalf of class members.

AALP are replacement and supplementary automotive lighting products, and are distinct from lighting products made for incorporation into new vehicles. AALP includes headlamps/headlights and bulbs; parking, tail, and interior lights; spot lights, fog lights, and auxiliary lights. Defendants collectively sold hundreds of millions of dollars’ worth of AALP in the United States.The firm’s clients included automotive products suppliers in Iowa and Nebraska.

In 2011, the district court granted class certification of a litigated class. Settlements with Depo and its subsidiary Maxzone and with Sabry Lee for a total of $25.5 million were finally approved in February of 2012.  A settlement with Eagle Eyes and its subsidiary E-Lite was reached for $3 million payable in annual installments over three years; final approved was granted on February 12, 2014. A settlement for $25 million in installments over three years was reached with TYC and its affiliated company (Genera) and was approved on May 4, 2014.

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