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Funding Options

We can offer our clients flexible and risk-sharing engagement structures.

We understand the cost of litigation and the constraints on in-house legal budgets. Accordingly, we have developed unique and flexible engagement structures that enable our clients to pursue the recovery of damages without costs risk or any up-front investment of financial resources. In short, we are willing to share in the risks and rewards of litigation with our clients. Recognizing this, the Financial Times termed us the “Most Innovative Law Firm in Dispute Resolution.”

As pioneers of alternatives to the standard billable-hour relationship, we are open to discussing contingency fees, conditional fees, fixed fees, value or success-based fees, or a hybrid approach that includes a discounted hourly rate, with the remainder contingent on the outcome.

In Europe, we are uniquely positioned to offer a range of options to our clients in terms of the funding of case disbursements. Accordingly, when clients so wish, we can arrange for the coverage of some or all of the ongoing risk and expense of litigation, including any adverse cost risk.