Global Litigation Solutions


Firm Summary

Hausfeld is a leading global law firm that clients trust with their most complex legal disputes in the areas of antitrust/competition, financial services, environmental, consumer protection, sports and entertainment and human rights.

Our international reach enables us to advise across multiple jurisdictions and pursue claims on behalf of clients worldwide. We work closely with clients to deliver outstanding results, while always addressing their business concerns. We do so by anticipating issues, considering innovative strategies, and maximizing the outcome of legal disputes in a way that creates shareholder value. Our risk-free approach ensures that our interests are closely aligned with the interests of our clients.

Creative Solutions to Complex Legal Challenges

Hausfeld lawyers have, throughout their careers, consistently applied forward-thinking ideas and creative solutions to the most vexing global legal challenges faced by clients. As a result, the firm's litigators have developed numerous innovative legal theories that have expanded the quality and availability of legal recourse for claimants around the globe that have a right to seek recovery. We understand the cost of litigation and the constraints on in-house legal budgets. Accordingly, we have developed unique and flexible engagement structures in which we share the risks of litigation with our clients, and enable our clients to pursue recovery of damages. Our creative retention structures were recently recognized by the Financial Times, which awarded us the "Most Innovative Law Firm in Dispute Resolution of 2013" for our engagement and funding offering in Europe. Learn more about our Funding Options.

Unmatched Global Resources

The firm combines its U.S. offices on both coasts and vibrant European presence with a broad and deep network of joint ventures and affiliate relationships around the globe to offer clients the ability to seek redress or confront disputes in every corner of the world and across every industry.

High Caliber Track Record

Hausfeld lawyers have achieved many precedent-setting legal decisions and settlements on behalf of clients involved in complex cases worldwide. We have negotiated some of the world's most complex settlement agreements and our lawyers have collectively recovered or obtained judgments in the billions of dollars on behalf of our clients. While settlements range from small to large, one thing remains consistent: our commitment to our clients' satisfaction. We judge a successful resolution not merely by the amount, but also by the time it took to achieve the resolution, the costs incurred along the way, and the collateral damage we avoided or mitigated during the process.

Visionary Leadership

Hausfeld was founded by Chairman Michael D. Hausfeld, who is widely recognized as one of the world's top civil litigators and negotiators. The National Law Journal has recognized him as one of the "Top 100 Influential Lawyers in America," the New York Times has referred to him as one of the nation's "most prominent antitrust lawyers," and Washingtonian magazine has stated that he is "a Washington lawyer determined to change the world - and succeeding." Most recently, he was listed as a top legal "visionary" by the Legal Times along with Supreme Court Justices Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Antonin Scalia, and Attorney General Eric Holder, Jr. Read more about Our Vision.