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Public Entity

Hausfeld’s attorneys have robust experience representing public and governmental entities including state Attorneys General Offices, municipal utility boards, and counties in high-stakes investigations and litigation involving a variety of legal practice areas including antitrust, consumer protection, financial services, and environmental law.

Hausfeld’s Public Entity Practice is especially effective in the current U.S. environment, where federal regulatory enforcement has become more lax, private plaintiffs face ever-increasing procedural hurdles to their ability to protect their individual interests, public entities’ budgets for enforcement and consumer protection are dwindling, and the resources available to targets of investigations seem unlimited. Hausfeld’s attorneys have the experience to fill this enforcement void and protect small businesses, consumers, employees, shareholders, patients, and the interests of public entities directly.

Hausfeld attorneys have decades of experience working with established connections at federal and state criminal and civil enforcement agencies. Prior to Hausfeld, many Hausfeld attorneys served in the public sector in roles including: Chief of the Public Advocacy Division of a state Attorney’s General Office, criminal and civil Trial Attorney for the Department of Justice, special prosecutor in a U.S. Attorney’s Office, legislative assistant for U.S. Senators, and policy analyst for non-profit consumer advocacy groups, among other roles. Hausfeld attorneys have also worked closely with federal and state law enforcement agencies in enforcement investigations, including the FBI, HHS, and state Attorneys General Offices.

The firm’s public entity portfolio includes litigation on behalf of the largest public water supplier in the country relating to environmental contamination, retention by public entities to pursue antitrust claims relating to fraud in financial markets, and retention by the state of West Virginia in one of the earliest cases against the pharmaceutical industry relating to the opioid crisis, filed decades before the current wave of opioid litigation.

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