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Mass Torts and Public Health Threats

Hausfeld lawyers have achieved notable success in representing clients injured by unsafe drugs and faulty medical devices. These cases are often called "mass torts" due to the large numbers of people injured by similar products.  In related areas, Hausfeld’s team of skilled attorneys also works to represent communities, families and workers, both in the U.S. and abroad, who have been exposed to environmental threats such as hazardous chemicals in neighborhoods, workplaces, or in food and water supplies, whether causing present injury to person or property or necessitating court-ordered medical monitoring to prevent future injury. For more information, please visit here.

Lawyers from Hausfeld have actively contributed to leading litigation, settling and prosecuting jury trials in many of the most important mass tort, environmental and public health cases in recent decades, such as:

  • The Diet Drug (Fen-Phen) litigation, resulting in a multi-billion dollar settlement and medical monitoring for millions of U.S. consumers suffering catastrophic heart and lung injuries
  • The Hormone Replacement Therapy (“HRT”) litigation, in which women represented by Hausfeld lawyers proved their breast cancer was caused by exposure to HRT
  • The Chinese Dry Wall litigation, in which Hausfeld lawyers helped to recover tens of millions of dollars in U.S. property damage from exposure to corrosive sulfur gases released by dry wall
  • The Starlink GMO litigation, in which Hausfeld successfully led the prosecution of corn supply  contamination claims against genetically modified corn manufacturers

The members of Hausfeld’s Mass Tort group are often called upon, whether through judicial appointment or invitation from other similarly seasoned peers, to lead or contribute to steer the substantive and strategic course of mass tort multi-district litigations (MDLs) on behalf of plaintiffs.  Our team’s deep experience and knowledge in mass tort strategy and management, combined with expertise in topics ranging from science and expert discovery to innovative global resolution approaches, reflect Hausfeld’s commitment to leading from the tip of the spear.   

Examples of our leadership in mass torts and public health threats include:

  • Plaintiff Executive Committee, NFL Concussion MDL (USDC Philadelphia, PA)
  • Co-lead counsel, GranuFlo/NaturaLyte MDL (USDC Boston, MA)
  • Co-Lead Counsel/Co-Chair, Discovery and Science Committees, PPA MDL (USDC Seattle, WA)
  • Co-Lead Counsel, Starlink GMO Litigation (USDC Chicago, IL)
  • Plaintiff Steering Committee, Diet Drugs MDL (USDC Philadelphia PA)
  • Plaintiff Steering Committee, HRT MDL (USDC Little Rock, AR)
  • Plaintiff Steering Committee, Chinese Dry Wall MDL (USDC New Orleans, LA)
  • Plaintiff Steering Committee, Essure consolidated proceeding (CA state court)
  • Plaintiff Steering Committee, Bair Hugger MDL (USDC Minneapolis, MN)
  • Plaintiff Steering Committee, Bard IVC MDL (USDC Phoenix, AZ)
  • Plaintiff Steering Committee/Co-Liaison Counsel, Zofran MDL (USDC Boston, MA)
  • Plaintiff Steering Committee, NCAA Concussions MDL (USDC Chicago, IL)
  • Plaintiff Steering Committee, Stryker Hip MDL (USDC Minneapolis, MN)
  • Plaintiff Science Committee, Talc MDL (USDC Trenton, NJ)