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Steven Nathan

Steven Nathan spent his early legal career representing businesses in commercial, securities, and regulatory matters as an Associate in several prestigious firms in New York and in Los Angeles. Through his work, Steve developed a comprehensive knowledge of sophisticated areas of law, including antitrust and securities fraud. Steve developed relationships with exceptional law firms and attorneys who mentored him and helped him develop a broad-ranged and deep analytical approach to litigation. Among Steve’s early accomplishments was obtaining precedent-setting results for the Burbank Airport regarding liability standards for airport operators under Federal Aviation Regulations.

Steve became more immersed in complex antitrust and cyber-security litigation, where he is highly regarded for his organization, analysis, and oversight of eDiscovery and motion practice and is frequently the key contact between case leadership and the eDiscovery team.  Steve is relied on for his ability to manage teams that consistently locate and evaluate the key evidence essential to the successful resolution of his cases.

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