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Sarah R. LaFreniere

Guided by the desire to represent clients asserting their rights in civil disputes, Sarah, an associate at Hausfeld, was drawn to practice at Hausfeld because of its creativity, commitment, and integrity. In an increasingly complex legal system, injured parties require much more than an attorney that simply knows the law to represent their interests, they need a dedicated team of exceptional advocates that can effectively navigate the ever increasing hurdles in complex litigation. 

Sarah works on a variety of cases, including the In Re Volkswagen “Clean” Diesel Litigation, where Hausfeld represents individual plaintiffs and consumer groups in their claims against Volkswagen’s “clean diesel” fraud. Sarah is also engaged in the In re Foreign Exchange Benchmarks Rates Antitrust Litigation in a case alleging collusion among international banks to artificially fix the prices of foreign exchange instruments. As co-lead counsel in that case, Hausfeld has overcome two motions to dismiss, and has secured more than $2.3 billion in settlements. Finally, as a law clerk at Hausfeld, Sarah assisted in the matter of In re South African Apartheid Litigation, alleging that defendant multi-national corporations aided and abetted the commission of crimes against humanity by the security forces of the apartheid regime.

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