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World Law Congress 2019 - 19-20 February, Madrid

Related Lawyers: Genevieve Anouck Labbé
Related Practice Areas: Competition Disputes, Human Rights and Environmental Disputes, Competition Counseling and Compliance, Consumer Claims

For two days, the World Jurist Association' flagship event will bring 2,000 attendees together in Madrid and lead discussions around Globality and Current Challenges to Democracy. Keynote speakers and panelists include former Prime Ministers, representatives of the UN, OAS and EU, Chief Justices from different Supreme Courts, prominent legal academics and leading lawyers from around the globe.

Geneviève Labbé will share her views on "Litigation funding, a new way to access justice" on Tuesday 19th February 2019 between 10.00 am and 12.00 pm. Together with fellow panellists they will debate: 

  • the philosophy behind third party litigation funding
  • advantages for lawyers and parties
  • problems arising from Third Party Litigation Funding from an ethical point of view
  • share experiences of litigation funding in the United States and Europe
  • legal expenses insurance

For the full programme and more information on the event.        

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