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UIA’s 10th Annual Business Law Forum – 20 and 21 September, Vienna

Related Practice Areas: Competition Disputes

Global legal professionals from a range of industries are set to join the 10th Annual Business Law Forum presented by the UIA, the International Association of Lawyers, on 20th and 21st September 2019 in Vienna.

The conference will be devoted to the legal challenges related to e-commerce and platform economy. The topic will be approached from various legal perspectives, including that of antitrust, enforcement, unfair competition, data protection, labour and corporate - to name but just a few. Last but not least, there will be a session on how to reduce regulatory and litigation risk, and why compliance should be taken seriously.

On Thursday afternoon, London partner, Andrew Bullion, who also heads up our office in Stockholm, will share a panel discussing new trends in damages cases (e.g. resale price maintenance, geoblocking violations, abuse of market dominance, unfair competition violations, experience with class actions, etc.).

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