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Support Your Team’s Retired NFL Players

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Left outside of the recent negotiating process has been the NFL’s retired players. Retirees are routinely forgotten by both the league they helped build and a Union that has abandoned them. We must not forget these heroes of our youth, the titans who built the game and turned the NFL into the billion dollar a year industry that it is today. 

Most retired players played the game at a time when big money did not rule the sport, but nonetheless the names of these athletes are burned in the memories of fans forever. Johnny Unitas, Bart Starr, Y.A. Tittle, Jim Brown, Lenny Moore, Gale Sayers, Lem Barney, Art Donovan, and Dick Butkus to name a few. 
Fans of the game would be shocked and saddened if they knew the harsh realities faced by NFL retirees:

The overwhelming majority of NFL retirees never made anywhere near the millions of dollars being paid to current players
A majority of NFL retirees have spent more money on medical expenses than they ever made playing football
The NFL’s disability system currently pays benefits to only 4% of its retired players
Draconian rules set-up by the League and a Union that does not represent the interest of its retirees, leave most former players needing to rely on Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid to fix their broken bodies
Under funded pension benefits have left even some Hall of Famers receiving less than $200 per month to live on

We need to generate support for the heroes who made the game what it is today. The pension, health and disability needs of NFL retirees should no longer be ignored!  
For years our gridiron heroes have been signing autographs for fans. It is time to return the favor - We urge you to visit the online petition for fan support located below and give these retirees your autograph.