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Plaintiffs Prevail in Certification of Eggs Class

Related Lawyers: Michael D. Hausfeld, James J. Pizzirusso, Brent W. Landau, Jeannine M. Kenney
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September 21, 2015 (Philadelphia, PA) – Today, the Honorable Gene E.K. Pratter certified a class of direct purchaser plaintiffs of shell eggs against defendant egg producers in an antitrust lawsuit alleging a conspiracy to control and limit the supply of eggs. Hausfeld serves as co-lead counsel in this case. 

Today’s order is the culmination of years of briefing and hearings to determine whether the direct purchaser class should be certified. “Plaintiffs must demonstrate that common issues predominate as to the question of whether Defendants violated the antitrust laws. Plaintiffs have met this burden,” Judge Pratter wrote. Elsewhere, Judge Pratter observed that, “Plaintiffs have collected a detailed discovery record common to the class supporting their allegations that Defendants conspired to reduce the supply of eggs.”

"We are very pleased that the court chose to certify a class action on behalf of direct shell egg purchasers,” said Hausfeld Chairman Michael D. Hausfeld, who serves as co-lead counsel for direct purchasers. “For over a decade, the egg industry has undertaken a concerted effort to restrict the supply of eggs and raise prices under the pretext of animal welfare. We look forward to proving our claims at trial," he added.

To date, eight defendants have settled with plaintiffs for a total of more than $61,000,000. The four remaining defendants are: Rose Acre Farms, Michael Foods, Ohio Fresh Eggs and RW Sauder.

The court has ordered that both sides submit additional briefing addressing whether the class period should be extended past 2008 to present.

Hausfeld attorneys working on this case are Michael D. Hausfeld, James J. Pizzirusso, Brent W. Landau and Jeannine M. Kenney. The case is In re Processed Egg Products Antitrust Litigation, Case No. 08-MD-2002 (E.D. Pa.)

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