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Legal Claims & COVID-19: Anticipating Claims For and Against You – 23rd September, Webinar

Related Lawyers: Laurent Geelhand, Tom Bolster, Genevieve Anouck Labbé, Antoine Riquier
Related Practice Areas: Competition Counseling and Compliance, Competition Disputes, Commercial Disputes

Has your business incurred losses during COVID-19 pandemic as a result of a contractual counterparty's actions? Did you receive claims due to business disruption? Might someone pursue a claim against you? How can you afford to pursue your claim when cost management is a strong preoccupation?

Hausfeld’s disputes experts Laurent Geelhand, Tom Bolster, Genevieve Labbe and Antoine Riquier discuss current developments in the legal world as a result of the pandemic and lockdown, during a webinar hosted by the French Chamber of Great Britain. They will explore the inevitable intensification of contractual disputes and all the aspects of ‘force majeure’, covering the response from insurance companies and offer practical examples of claims that have already arisen due to COVID.

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